I have been serious about my faith for many years now. It’s been a walk that has been equipped only by the grace of the Holy Spirit. There have been many fellow believers who have helped me walk this road. Some ‘fell by the wayside’ while others continue to walk consistently.

paparazziThere is a trend in Christendom where the ‘successful people’ of the world are celebrated. Let’s call them ‘celebrities’ for clarity. The moment one of them accepts Jesus, they are looked upon as our answer to reaching the world outside. Suddenly, they are raised to the pulpit, given a platform and what have you.

And I can’t blame us. I mean, how often do we hear of a major celebrity identifying with us? How often do we get that kind of star power in our corner? It almost makes us seem sort of cool, acceptable and legitimate. So what if the bible tells us that God chose the foolish, base, and the rejects. We are happy to have some more ‘socially acceptable ones’ on our side.

Now, let me clarify. I have no problem with celebrities being honoured; celebrities in the pulpit, celebrities used as Christian brand ambassadors, or whatever one may deem fit. But I do have a problem when these celebrities are looked upon as the Christian answer to the world. I have a problem when we keep telling the world about these celebrities as Christian representatives and when we allow their lives to be used as collaterals to hard sell Christianity. I don’t see Jesus talking about Zacchaeus to attract more tax collectors to his side.

This obsessive, almost compulsive craze for celebrities has to stop. We have to start making connections between what people say and what they actually do. It is never going to be a good thing for us to hold these celebrities up as examples of what a Christian should be.

Why? Because even if their intent is good, they all have a potential to fall.


King David fell. He was an undying worshipper and a passionate lover of God but he fell. And every one we lift up has the potential to fall. And when they fall, the world mocks Christendom. Young believers walk away dejected. People lose hope. And unfortunately, no one is held accountable for all the damage caused. We must remember this. We must be responsible rather than get overawed by whom God is using. The same glory God puts in a celebrity is available to you and me, if we yield.

Through this walk, there is one thing I have learned. And that lesson is this: Look unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith Hebrews 12:2. In Revelation 4:11, the bible says that the elders took off their crowns and laid it at the feet of Jesus. Every earthly crown has to be laid at the feet of Jesus. Whether the world crowns you as a successful actor, singer, model or musician, lay it at the feet of Jesus (Click to Tweet). That’s where true worship begins.

And finally, if we want to show the world examples of Christianity that should make us cheer, show them our faithful pastors who spend their lives serving the Lord and His sheep, our grandmothers who have lived quiet, prayerful lives, missionaries who would lay down their lives for the gospel, the ones who go about their everyday life and live out the commands to love the unlovable and to value every life.