Mextures (2)The only thing that the devil fears is hearing the voice of God. He hates the fact that the Word of God carries the very voice and heart of God! He is even more scared when he finds a believer who is totally in sync with the Word and the heart of God!

The devil does not fear good stories, great oration or intellectual arguments. He will fear the Word of God because it carries the authority of God’s command in it.

That’s the reason why most of the time the devil, if possible, will push you to doubt the Word and the voice of God.

For example:
Have you really been forgiven?
Does God really love you?
Are you really accepted in His Family as a child of God?
Have you really been released from the curse and blessed?
Is God against you?

These thoughts are never inspired by the Holy Spirit, because the Holy Spirit will only bring you closer to the Lord, make you experience the love of the Father and lead you in surrender to Jesus.

You see every word of condemnation and accusation is from the enemy. It is never from God. God will never use fear tactics to save you. He only shows you the options and gives you a heart to make a choice that can lead you into obedience and eternity; to stay blessed with the Maker and an eternity to be with Him.

So how do we overcome this devil, the evil accuser and tempter? Hold on to ‘The Sword’, which is the sword of the Spirit, the unfailing Word of God. Nothing ever built in the devil’s kingdom has power enough to overcome the Word of God. (Click to Tweet)

Now, you and I have to take up this Sword and train ourselves seriously. Knowing we are in the battle field every day, learn to swing your sword; even Moses had to swing his rod of authority which is symbolic of God’s word in our hands.

Mextures (3)

The fact of the matter is that I cannot train on your behalf. You will need to train yourself. Identify where you have been vulnerable in your life and use the Sword of the Spirit to execute your vengeance on the evil one.

I am sure you have learned something today. Get ready to use your sword! You have one! Don’t let it be useless! Pick it up and train yourself! It is never too late to sharpen and use your sword. Today is the day of victory for you in Jesus’ name!

In the name of Jesus Christ, I prophesy victory over every defeat in your life. I command you to rise. You are a prisoner of war. Your time of liberation has come. Behold! The Lord shall impart strength; even now your spirit man is strengthened. Arise, and let the light of God shine on your darkened soul. Be free in Jesus’ name!

God bless you! I believe The Holy Spirit has touched your heart today. Do leave a comment and let us know about the new victories coming your way.

This week’s blog is brought to you by my dear friend Pastor Chethan Henry who is passionate about God and serving His people. He pastors the New Beginnings Church in Bangalore, alongside his wife Nimmy Henry. His ministry carries on it a mark of stirring up the prophetic and equipping the Church to hear the voice of God afresh. Making the supernatural a reality for today is something that is at the core of His ministry. You can connect with them now at