Imagine this; you have been crying out to God to speak to you. You have been desperate to hear Him. You want His direction for your life. Finally, He speaks. He tells you, as a man of God, to marry a prostitute from your neighbourhood. Wow!

image (5)Over the last few days, I have been studying the book of Hosea and I often found myself pondering over various aspects of this man. His obedience to God. His love for Gomer. His patience.
To tell you his story in detail would mean a long sermon and that’s not my intention here. But the story goes on to tell us that this prophet, Hosea married a prostitute, who ditched him later for no apparent reason. So one fine day, Hosea is left with three kids and a sink full of dishes. Gomer his wife is gone! And God tells Hosea to go looking for Gomer and bring her back home even though she was back in the flesh trade.

Now it won’t take rocket science to see that the hero of this story is Hosea. But what got my attention is the life of Gomer. For a long time, Gomer has been called names and been labelled by her sin. She is known by her flaw. Her mistakes had become her identity.

Can you imagine being famous for your mistakes or situation? Can you imagine being called a thief, a drunk, a prostitute? Who is Gomer really?

She is a fickle lover. She ran after excitement. She chased her adrenalin rush. She was an unsatisfied woman. Just like many of us; men and women alike. Dissatisfied, we make other things become an idol in our life. We allow our careers, friends, money to lord over us. In fact, we make men of God our idols. Truth be told, there is a little bit of Gomer in each one of us.

Just like Hosea married Gomer, knowing she is a prostitute, God accepted us knowing we have the potential to slip away. And just like Gomer slipped back, so do we.
Hosea pursued Gomer and bought her freedom (Hosea 3:2)
When our sin took us to places we were not meant to go, Christ came and bought our freedom (1 Corinthians 7:23)
Gomer needed Hosea to buy her back (Hosea 3:2) and God commanded Hosea to go find Gomer and love her. Love the adulteress (Hosea 3:1)

We are Gomer and the love of Jesus is crazy.

Gomer’s story is not her sin. Gomer’s story is about grace.
Your story is not your sin. Your story is His Grace.
What qualifies you is His love, not your actions. (Click to Tweet)
When you think you are disqualified, Christ comes looking for you.
When you think you are worthless, He purchases what was already His.
When you think you are enslaved, your Redeemer comes!
His grace flows to wherever you are and it covers your past.

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Christ pursues us, wherever we are. He loves us, even in our mess. He redeems, restores and renews. His love for us is pure grace, scandalous grace.
Restoration might not happen instantly, but be assured that God has not stopped loving you; and he will never abandon you, no matter where your choices may have led you.
God’s redemptive love is unfailing.

What’s your redemptive story? Or which story do you identify the most? Comment in the section below and share your testimony with us.