Having been raised in a Christian family, I love the way my parents ‘managed’ this well-loved delightful holiday. They ensured that we did not miss the real meaning of Christmas. They raised us in church and made sure we knew that Christmas was and is and should always be about Jesus Christ!

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In this modern marketing driven world, it’s very easy to lose perspective. If we are not conscious, Christmas can very easily become about Santa, shopping, gifts and trees. Now, I am not suggesting that we go exposing every fat guy in a red suit as a fake Santa Claus, or that you should not put up a Christmas tree if that is what you enjoy. We did have our Christmas tree and Christmas meal as most families do. But we also were told the ‘real’ Christmas story. We were clearly told who we are celebrating.

As parents, Beena and I are adopting the same approach; simply let Christmas be what it is. The fact of the matter is that if we believe that the Son of God himself was born as man, and dwelt amongst mankind, then all the activities around Christmas should not make us insecure. In fact we should learn and teach that all the gifts, food, celebrations, are an overflow of the real joy that came to mankind.

Many a times, the real meaning of Christmas becomes obscured by the celebrations, but that doesn’t mean we should think of it as wrong. In fact, as believers, instead of looking down on the celebrations, we must actually celebrate and share why we do.

Who could have washed my sins away?
Who could have established my relationship with my Heavenly Father?
Who could have showered me with such inexplicable grace?
Who could have given me an eternal destiny?

No one, but Jesus! And so, we celebrate. But we must keep Christ at the centre of it all; photo 2the exchange of gifts, food, party, etc. We can give and receive gifts, as it is a natural outflow of our joy in Christ. We can get together and have a meal, enjoy good times, knowing that at the heart of it all, is the story of our redemption. “For unto us a Son is born…”, “that whoever will believe in Him, will have eternal life”

That is the essence of what I am teaching my children about Christmas. No government or nation can rob us of the joy of the real meaning of Christmas. No fat man in a red suit, no “happy holidays” signs, no mistletoe can take Jesus away from my Christmas (Click to Tweet). And I encourage you to do the same!