It has been more than 15 years now that I have been working in my field of expertise. One of the key issue that has always been on my mind is that how can I share Jesus effectively in my scope of reach. How can I share the love of Jesus to people who come in contact with me?

Our marketplace is where we spend our maximum waking hours. It’s the place where we can influence others. Being in the business of media, I come across people who have no apparent interest in Jesus. I am sure you encounter them in your place of work as well; people you want to write off, people you want to delete from your list of potential believers.


I was greatly blessed by the account of Jesus meeting Levi in Mark 2:14-17 and I believe that in this passage is a strategy we need to see shared by the greatest evangelist Himself. Levi was a tax collector. During those days, a tax collector was an Israelite who would have betrayed his own name, people and God. They were considered traitors serving the Roman Empire against their own people. And that’s what makes this story so interesting.

Jesus did not give up on Levi
Jesus was willing to transcend all boundaries and share His love with Levi. Jesus displayed unmerited love when He chose to tell a man who had given up on God (and made money his god) that God loves him.

Levi opened doors to contacts that would not have been possible otherwise
As Jesus shared the love of God, Levi shared his area of influence with Jesus. Do you see that! The love of Jesus was instrumental in letting Levi trust his contacts with Jesus (Click to Tweet). Levi had a banquet and ‘many tax collectors and sinners’ were there.

Jesus was mission-minded
It’s so easy to miss this point in the midst of all the miracles Jesus did. But the truth is Jesus stayed focused to share the good news. I would love to be privy to what Jesus must have spoken to those tax collectors and sinners. He got into their world and shared God’s love in their midst.

I believe this is the key to us sharing Jesus in our generation. No one is beyond God’s love. When we say “I can’t”, we are actually confessing “Jesus can’t” touch a person’s life. And the truth is that Jesus can.

Let’s be mission-minded. Let’s cross over every self-limiting boundary and share Jesus. Let’s aim to win at least one soul in 2014!