One evening, some of Jesus’ disciples met together. They were all sitting by the sea-side, brooding with their shoulders slouched. They had reasons to be disappointed. They had let down their Rabbi a couple of days ago. When the solders came to arrest their teacher, they had all run away. The leader of this pack of disappointed disciples was an ex-fisherman named Peter. A highly volatile man, driven by emotions, he had once sworn to Jesus that even if the whole world would deny Jesus, he would not. However, in a couple of days, he had denied Him three times. He had given up his career as a fisherman to follow Jesus. He was a ‘full time’ minister who had blown it.

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John 21:3 depicts it so beautifully to us that this Peter, so disappointed with himself says, “I am going fishing.” I have tried all that I can, and I have failed. I cannot connect with these spiritual people anymore. I thought I could live holy but I have let God down. So, I am going fishing.

So often, we end up fishing by the riverside of disappointment. We feel that we have let God down. One glimpse in the wrong direction, a wrong thought, a sinful act, a lie… And we feel we have let Jesus down and like Peter, we decide to go back to where we had come out from. We decide that we are better off going back to our old ways.

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That night, as Peter and gang were trying to catch fish, Jesus came and met them. John 21:5 says Jesus spoke to them. His conversation began with addressing them as ‘children’! Jesus could have called them failures or losers and He would not have been out of place, but He chose to call them ‘children’. And in calling Peter and the others children, He lets us know that we are all part of this Family of God, no matter where we have been fishing!

Dear brothers and sisters, have you been harbouring disappointments in your life? Do you feel disqualified? Remember the story of Peter. The man whose shadow healed people started all wrong and disqualified. But Jesus chose to call him His son! We are qualified in the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ alone. Not our efforts – good or bad. Ephesians 2:9 (Click to Tweet)